My name is Samuel Roberts. I will do my best to explain (in my own simple way) 😉 my thoughts about veganism because veganism is an extremely important social justice movement.  

Nonviolence (including nonviolent speech) is my focus but with a very strong emphasis on  veganism. Veganism is all about nonhuman animals. It’s not about human social justice issues although many human issues intersect and are influenced.

It’s not about health or environment, but there are ancillary benefits for us. Vegans do not use animals for food, clothing, entertainment or other reasons.  To be clear, veganism is about nonhuman animals and their right not to be used as property and it is the recognition of their moral personhood. Being vegan is not everything we need to do to live a nonviolent life, but it is an important and essential first step.

On “Veganism is Nonviolence”, I also address other forms of discrimination as well as speciesism because all forms of discrimination are all related and all cause violence. Where we have one form of discrimination — speciesism — we will have all forms – racism = sexism = heterosexism = classism = ageism = ableism and so forth. We must reject all these forms of discrimination in our lives.

Please note although there may be references to various people (religious and non-religious), this page approaches veganism (a political cause) in a secular way.

You do not have to be vegan to subscribe to my page 🙂 but I hope that after you view the information on this page, you will consider becoming vegan.

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