Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 9: Direction Action Everywhere (DxE): Welfarist or Abolitionist?

welfarism everywhere DxE ChipotlePlease listen here.

Friends, I thought it important to address this issue since there’s a number of problems with this particular advocacy group Direct Action Everywhere’s strategy and theory, in particular the most welfarist indicator of them all — their decision not to mention veganism –  the very action needed to end the property status of animals.

The links to vegan resources I mentioned.
A list of recommended animal ethics books

Disclaimer: Please note I do not necessarily endorse individuals, opinions, links or ads on external sites.DxE Welfarists attacking Suppliers

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Vegan Trove Podcast Episode 8: Veganism and All Forms of Life

My latest Vegan Trove Podcast Episode 8 “Veganism and All Forms of Life


Chris Hedges (Pulitzer Prize recipient)

A reading of Pulitzer Prize recipient Chris Hedges’ essay ( posted Jan 4, 2015 )   “All Forms of Life Are Sacred“. His essay discusses veganism and the moral imperative.  Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer prize recipient and his bio can be found here.  He is also a regular contributor to and his essays are posted each Monday.

Normally I discuss various issues in my episodes, but I decided there would be some value in reading this essay.  Next time I will return to discussing issues as usual.  I hope you enjoyed today’s episode :)

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Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 7: Intersectionality and Abolitionist Veganism

10435935_10153194120620942_4186915618310277647_nI invite you to listen to my latest podcast Episode 7 (Listen here). This episode is targeted at a specific audience but I’m sure others will find it interesting.  With the kind permission of the author of Vegan Ethos, I am sharing her recent blog post which you can view here:  Intersectionality and Abolitionist Veganism Part 1

Intersectionality and Abolitionist Veganism; Part II | Vegan Ethos

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Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 6: A Brief Examination of Animal Welfare

My latest podcast. Please listen here-> Vegan Trove podcast Ep 6: A Brief Examination of Animal Welfare
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This podcast discusses some articles, one about animal industry and its partnership with Big Pharma. It discusses some attempts to “improve” animal exploitation through sedation of cows, and some other studies in relation to animal behaviour and how predictable it is and how this will be utilised by animal industry to promote “happy” animal slavery to the public.  I also talk a little about vegans who try to suppress other vegans from talking about veganism and I read a small piece by Angel Flinn from Gentle World.

As I mentioned, here are some links to some of the topics I discussed and a few extra about the dairy industry.

Cows’ Moos Carry A Lot More Meaning Than You Ever Imagined | Huffington Post Article

Milk Comes From A Grieving Mother | Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

What is Wrong with Vegetarianism? | UVE Archives

The Meaning of “Humane” | Abolitionist Approach

There’s no such thing as “Ahimsa” Cow’s Milk | NZ Vegan Podcast

A Calf’s Story | Animation by Peaceful Abolitionist

Video: A Better World For Us All

Some Thoughts on Why Vegans Criticise Vegans for Promoting Veganism | Veganism Is Nonviolence

How to become vegan | A Comprehensive Resource | Veganism Is Nonviolence

Recommended Animal Ethics Books | Veganism Is Nonviolence

Thanks for listening. Till next time, have a safe holiday season and a wonderful 2015.  See you in the new year I hope :)

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A Better World For Us All

A recent vid I made of Angel Flinn’s short essay as to why she will always be vegan. It’s titled “A Better World For Us All” . The mother and her calf we see in this vid were together in the same pasture just over the fence from where I currently live. Who knows if either of them are alive today. A few months ago the owner of the 100 acres sold up and now the pastures are empty but for the long grass which we see in this video. It makes me happy to see the tall grass waving in the wind. It makes me very sad to think how many sentient individuals over the many decades lived their short lives on this land and who were eventually murdered. Please watch. Note there are no graphic images. 

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Happy Healthy Vegan Children

There’s so much disinformation and misinformation out there in the public domain as to whether children can be healthy and happy being vegan. I asked vegan parents on my Facebook page LiveVegan in Dec 2013 if they could submit photos of their vegan children. This is a slide show of these happy healthy vegan children. For more information on how to be vegan, visit here

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Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 5: Ignoring Issues: Being Complicit with Global Tyranny

My latest Vegan Trove podcast Ep 5: Ignoring Issues: Being Complicit with Global Tyranny - Listen here

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